Peace, Butter, & Jelly: The Book

“I now share the vision of A Better Sandwich, A Better World. We will use food as the operating system. You must eat well to feel nourished. Keep it simple. Follow the recipes in this book. Find the force in the food that wants to feed you and build a friendship with those ingredients. Use this book as a starting point. Go and make yourself something good to eat” (Seidel, 119).

Seidel weaves together family recipes, family history and life stories that span continents, pictures and poetry in a way that prompts readers to reflect on how they live their own lives and what’s most important to them. A graduate of Rutgers University and trained by masters of ancient Yoga traditions, David has been a teacher of the Humanities, Culinary Arts, Yoga and Meditation for over 29 years.

Reader Remarks:

"Peace, Butter & Jelly : Tales of Nourishment is a gem with many facets. You realize after a number of pages that you have been invited to share food with the family of a masterful cook. In a profound and subtle way, author David Mark Seidel unveils the secret ingredient behind every successful recipe as he experienced it, as it nurtured and transformed him. Like a great meal, the book is delicious, heartwarming, surprising and leaves you fuller than when you started. It is a cook book written by a poet, an honest sharing of a spiritual journey, and something more. By the time you finish this book, you realize that you were invited to dinner with great love and what was shared were recipes of the heart." (Roman Oleh Yaworsky, author, Being Centered)

"Peace, Butter, and Jelly is not only a delightful collection of recipes and poems, but a beautiful presentation of the history of a family. Out of the suffering and wisdom of the past comes peace, insight, and hope for a better future...His awareness of the complex tragedy of human history allows him to find joy and wonder in everyday life. This joy, wonder, and humor is infectious, and the book is a heart-warming and wonderful read.” (Dr. Casey A. Cothran, Assistant Professor of English and Critical Thinking, Winthrop University)




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