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Our company is about organizational science: Employee and organizational health well-being and effectiveness.

David brings his experience as a former trainer, project manager and operations manager with SYDA, an International Education Foundation dedicated to Work/ Life Balance, Stress Management, and the science of Wellness for professionals from the entire world to any proefessional development scenario.

Clients Served:

Queens U., UNCC, Davidson, CPCC, Winthrop U., GWU, Pfeiffer U. : Earthfare, Red Sky Gallery, Trinity Episcopal School, WBT AM, Community Culinary School of Charlotte, CMS Schools: Cargill Industries, Design Resource Group, McColl School of Business at Queens U., Presbyterian School of Nursing at Queens U., UNCC College of Education, Touchstone Therapy Clinic, Snyders- Lance Foods, Compass Group.

Client Testimony:

"Over the course of two years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interact with David on a very personal level in multiple leadership development workshops. The intensity of these sessions and interactions with him leave me with the resounding feeling that I have ‘known’ him for years. It is with pleasure that I can attest he is truly an inspiration of ideas and goodwill to everyone he encounters. He is revered by his peers and constantly pays it forward with his boundless energy to mentor those in need of direction and growth. And he does all of these with grace and ease. One of David’s best traits is his ability to listen to not only what someone is saying but what is also not being said and with this observation he allows us to gain further insight into ourselves and the issue at hand. David is truly a person who leads by example and “walks the walk” for others to learn from him. All of these mentioned qualities I believe would translate extremely well for him to develop superior relationships with both internal and external clients at our company. David would be a tremendous asset for our company and has my highest recommendation. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, I’m happy to provide further information if requested." (Brianna)



Contact Information:
David Seidel
President, Seidel Family
Services, Inc., Charlotte NC

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